A new name for Upper Gwydir Landcare Association


Over the last few months Upper Gwydir Landcare Association Inc have been morphing into Northern Slopes Landcare Association Inc.  This change came from feedback from our strategic planning process late last year, it is the opinion of those who participated in the planning and results from the survey, that a name change was required.

Things that will change

There are still things that we need to do before we can say that we have achieved an across the board change, these things are

  • our website will have a new web address,
  • our facebook page will also require a new name

…………however for now we are still www.ugla.com.au and our facebook page is the same……...

We ask for your patience.

Things that won’t change

  • Our support to our members and community will not change
  • Our email addresses will not change
  • Our phone numbers will not change
  • Our location will not change
  • Our leadership has not changed

Case Studies of Recently Completed Projects/events

Case Study - 'Let's Bust It'

Case Study - Mythbusting Organics

Case Study - Upper Bingara Riparian Restoration





   Farms in Focus


The farms in focus brochurs have been developed to showcase some of the interesting and unknown activites that families and businesses have undertaken throughout the Gwydir region. Take a look at what has been going on in our area...




 Increasing Carrying Capacity: Ian and Debora Armstrong, 'Arabanoo', Bingara NSW >> PDF




  Rejuvenating Beaufort: John and Jill Herring, 'Beaufort', Bingara NSW >> PDF 




  There Has To Be a Better Way: Ran and Jenny Mitchell, 'Leyland', North Star, NSW  >> PDF




  Maintaining The Balance: Don, Gay and Jason Mack, 'Mitiamo' and 'Berrybank', Bingara, NSW  >> PDF




A Showcase of Future Agriculture: The Living Classroom, Bingara, NSW >> PDF

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