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The new Landcare office is slowly taking shape. After the move came the heat and the rain. The rain most welcome but not necessarily through the roof and onto the computer, twice! Thanks to the Gwydir Shire Council, we now have airconditioning, a roof that doesn’t leak and some amazing window screens. We are not saying the office is totally “with it”, but slow and steady wins the race. We welcome your visits and your comments, good and bad. Don’t forget there is room for your meetings, or just a meeting place in town. Would anyone have a spare sofa for our Library area? It has been fantastic to receive some volunteer assistance from Beth Ozols recently. You may see Beth in the office at times and will certainly see her at the Landcare Adventure.

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Case Studies of Recently Completed Projects/events

Case Study - 'Let's Bust It'

Case Study - Mythbusting Organics

Case Study - Upper Bingara Riparian Restoration





   Farms in Focus


The farms in focus brochurs have been developed to showcase some of the interesting and unknown activites that families and businesses have undertaken throughout the Gwydir region. Take a look at what has been going on in our area...




 Increasing Carrying Capacity: Ian and Debora Armstrong, 'Arabanoo', Bingara NSW >> PDF




  Rejuvenating Beaufort: John and Jill Herring, 'Beaufort', Bingara NSW >> PDF 




  There Has To Be a Better Way: Ran and Jenny Mitchell, 'Leyland', North Star, NSW  >> PDF




  Maintaining The Balance: Don, Gay and Jason Mack, 'Mitiamo' and 'Berrybank', Bingara, NSW  >> PDF




A Showcase of Future Agriculture: The Living Classroom, Bingara, NSW >> PDF

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