Halls Creek Remediation Project


Halls Creek Remediation ProjectThe Halls Creek Remediation Project has been well received by Landholders, both Rural and Urban. The Committee was pleased to receive 14 Expression of Interest applications, all received by the due date, well done!

The process of reviewing and assessing each of the project proposals has started. The remediation project on Halls Creek must be completed in accordance with the CMA guidelines. Projects must represent genuine landscape improvement or environmental benefit, and be cost effective in achieving the outcomes. The guidelines address a number of natural resourse issues including: soil erosion and stabilisation, revegetation, remnant vegetation, woodland birds, geomorphology, tree hollows and a number of other smaller issues.

Halls Creek Remediation ProjectThis project continues to engage the community to become involved with water quality issues, biodiversity, riparian zones and eroded areas.

The expressions of interest received look to address the CMA’s guidelines, tackling remediation issues within the priority catchment, and creating a positive outlook for longer term land management improvements within the Halls Creek area.

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