Projects undertaken by NSLA (Formerly UGLA) include Rivercare works, salinity surveying, property planning, pasture trials, native vegetation enhancement and establishment and education programs.

The NSLA, in conjunction with several other organisations, has run many field days over the years including Cypress Pine Management, Salinity and Catchment Health, Weeds Discovery Tour, Tree Propagation and Planting, pasture establishment and management, Carp Musters and hosted the Landcare Adventure in 2003 and 2008.  Following is a list of projects undertaken since our inception, if applicable click on the item to view the archived news story.


  • Brigalow Nandewar Biolinks Pest Management Project - Feral Pig Collaring project in partnership with Office of Environment & Heritage and North West Local Land Services
  • Taming the Tiger - Tiger Pear control project
  • Save Your Mate Project - Mental Health Awareness Project
  • Nourish Bush Tucker Project - Creating Bush Tucker "Pods" at The Living Classroom 
  • Dogs Camera Action Project - Threatened Species/Fauna Survey Project
  • Schools Safari Project - Schools Engagement 
  • Regional Landcare Facilitator Project
  • Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative


  • Aussie Dam Project
  • Threatened Species Grants
  • Tiger Pear Project
  • Nourish Bush Tucker Project
  • Carbon Sequestration Project
  • Horton River Green Cestrum Project
  • BNB Pest Extension Project - Trapping and Collaring of Feral Pigs in the Bellata/Terry Hie Hie/Beryulgil Creek areas
  • Gwydir Ark Threatened Species Group formation


  • Successful 25th Anniversary Landcare Grants 2014 - 2015
    NSLA has received notification that two of the three applications to the 25th Anniversary Landcare Grants program have been successful, so great news!
       1. Upper Gwydir Catchment NSW - Adopting New Ideas in the North West and
       2. Northern Slopes NSW - Facilitating Succession Planning and equipping for Change.
    Further information regarding participation in these projects will be made available as soon as we have signed the funding deeds.
  • Our BNB Pest Management Project continues into its next phase including a targeted Pig baiting programme in the Horton and Gwydir Valleys and the Derra area. Anyone interested in being included should contact the office on 0267242052.
  • Please continue to let us know your Landcare needs. EOI forms can be emailed to you, or drop in to the office for a hard copy.


  • Gwydir Women of Mettle Forging Leaders Project
  • Sharing Learnings & Linking Gwydir Land Managers, Bingara NSW
  • Brigalow Nandewar Biolinks Landscape Connectivity Project - UGLA Pest Control for Brush Turkey Survival
  • Talking Turkey Final Report1.3.3_(FINAL)
  • Brigalow Nandewar Biolinks Engagement Support




  • Australia Day
  • Caring for our Country – ‘Improving Management Techniques for North West Slopes of NSW’
  • Carp Muster
  • Myall Creek - Water Quality Incentives Program
    Year 2 application form


  • Myall Creek Remediation Project
  • Bingara Show
  • Australia Day
  • Bingara Golf Course trees
  • Warialda Rivercare continuation