Contracted role until 30//6/2027, 35 hours per week

Regional Landcare Coordinator

North West NSW

Job Description

Applications for this position have now closed, however if you are interested in joining our team, please forward your details to and request to be added to a talent pool for future opportunities

The Regional Landcare  Coordinator is responsible for creating partnerships with regional  organisations to increase awareness and raise the profile of Landcare in NSW.  They work with local landcare coordinators and other stakeholders to ensure  that any new partnerships/funding opportunities/projects are relevant and  actionable.

Supported by the Regional  Administration Support Officer, the Regional Landcare Coordinator will  directly interact with Landcare and agencies at the regional, district and  network scale, in addition to regional partners, Universities, research  institutions and Government bodies.

The Regional Landcare  Coordinator will liaise with North West Landcarers to collaborate in Regional  Landcare activities, to partner with Local Land Services and to deliver on  the target outcomes of the LP3 - NSW Landcare Program

The Regional Landcare  Coordinator will be expected to collaborate with Landcare stakeholders both  within their region and other regions across the state including Local  Coordinators, Regional Administration Support Officer, Landcare Committees,  Local Government and Local Land Services, utilising Landcare NSW support  mechanisms.

Key Deliverables:

·         Facilitate regional delivery and partnerships.

·         represent NW Landcarers to create positive  change, aligned with strategic outcomes of the NSW Landcare Enabling Program  in the region.

·         Operationalise the Strategic Plan of the  North West Landcarers to ensure the region is on-track to meet outcomes.

·         Maintain existing and develop new  partnerships with other Regional Stakeholders

·         stimulate regional community engagement and  participation in Landcare.

·         develop and plan  regional scale projects with support from  Local Landcare Coordinators

·         support to the Aboriginal Landcare Project

·         Deliver Regional and Coordinator Community of practice projects and events.

For a full position description and instructions on how to apply, please contact Chair - Kate Groth

Key Responsibilities

How to Apply?

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