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North West Regional Weed Officers

Gunnedah Shire Council

Alienior Weeds Officer

Lee Amidy
Neil Worboys
Postal Address
PO Box 63
Gunnedah NSW 2380

Gwydir Shire Council

Weeds Officer Warialda

Scott McLachlan

Weeds Officer Bingara

Stephen Kneller
Bingara Office Phone
Warialda Office Phone
Postal Address
Locked Bag 5
Bingara NSW 2404

Liverpool Plains Shire Council

Authorised Officer - Weeds

Mike Whitney
Postal Address
PO Box 152
Quirindi NSW 2343

Moree Plains Shire Council

Senior Biosecurity Officer

Ian Schwartz

Biosecurity Officer

Lachlan Biddle
Moree Office Phone
Postal Address
PO Box 420
Moree NSW 2400

Narrabri Shire Council

Senior Authorised Officer - Weeds

Clare Felton-Taylor

Authorised Officer - Weeds

Chris Watkins
Postal Address
PO Box 261
Narrabri NSW 2390

Tamworth Regional Council

Senior Weeds Officer

Mal Stein

Weeds Officer

Robert Burr
Postal Address
PO Box 555
Tamworth NSW 2340

Walgett Shire Council

Castlereagh Macquarie Weeds County Council

Senior Weeds Officer

Andrea Fletcher

Weeds Officer

Mat Savage
Postal Address
PO Box 31
Walgett NSW 2832

NW Local Land Services

North West Local Land Services
Moree Office
Warialda Office
Narrabri Office
Tamworth Office
Walgett Office
Gunnedah Office
Goondiwindi Office

Department of Primary Industries

Biosecurity Help Line

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