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Northern Slopes Land Care Association
July 2024

The issue

There  is  a  strong  need  to  improve  men's  health  and  social  connectedness  within  our community. We aimed to address this through a Men's Health Night, focusing on building resilience  and  sharing  information  about  available  services  and  agencies  to  support community  members,  particularly  in  preparing  for  future  droughts.  Our  goal  was  to enhance  community  well-being  by  fostering  stronger  social  networks  and  providing practical resources for better health outcomes and preparedness.

The solution

We secured funding from the Australian Government's Future Drought Fund to organise a Men's Health Night at the Warialda Golf and Bowling Club. Local poet and storyteller Murray Hartin was a highlight. Health topics were covered by local HealthWISE nurse Christine Connor and her colleague Leticia Karney. Catherine Spora from the Farmgate Support Program shared information about mental health support for farmers. LLS district vet Ted Irwin gave an engaging talk on Brucellosis. The event was highly successful with positive  feedback,  enhancing  social  connectedness  and  community  resilience  among attendees.

The impact

The Men's Health Night drew men and some spouses from the region, fostering community engagement. Attendees benefited from interactive sessions with the LLS vet and received comprehensive  men's  health  information  from  HealthWISE,  enhancing  awareness  of available resources within the region. Supporting local caterers further boosted the local economy.  The  event  successfully  promoted  social  connectedness  and  highlighted  the importance of proactive health management, particularly in rural areas. This initiative not only provided vital information but also strengthened community cohesion, which is crucial for resilience during challenging times.

Key Facts

- Men's Health Night organised to address social connectedness and community resilience.

- Funded by the FRRR through the Australian Government's Future Drought Fund.

- Featured local poet and storyteller Murray Hartin as a drawcard.

- Event held at Warialda Golf and Bowling Club to support local businesses.

- Successful in fostering community engagement and positive feedback received.

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