Moree Koala Habitat Enhancement - Koala Tree guide for Moree

The following native vegetation species are recognised as important food and shelter trees for koalas in the Moree region. Planting these trees will benefit koalas by providing additional food and shelter habitat. Koalas prefer woodland habitat that contains several species of food and shelter trees and in close proximity to permanent water. It is crucial to plant trees suitable for your soil type and position in the landscape. Trees growing in less than ideal conditions will suffer stressand produce foliage that contains higher concentrations of phenolsand tannins that can discourage koalas from eating them. Use the information overleaf to determine which species will be most suitable at your place.

All the trees listed are valuable to koalas; those highlighted yellow appear to be most favourable in the Moree region. Where possible, to maximise koala use of new trees, plant in close proximity to a water source and preferably adjoining existing woodland or create a corridor linking two remnant woodland patches. By planting strategically, you will increase the size of woodland patches and provide linkages between woodland remnants that wil benefit koalas.


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Key Facts

Contact WIRES if you see a sick or injured koala on 1300 094 737

For more guidance on restoring koala habitat see resources available at

Record a koala sighting to the NSW Government’s BioNet Atlas database using the ‘I Spy Koala’ app (visit the Apple or Googleapp stores to download)

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