Upper Bingara Riparian Restoration

Northern Slopes Landcare Association

A group of landholders in the Upper Bingara area wanting toimprove Riparian areas on their properties

The issue

Northern Slopes Landcare Association was approached by a group of landholders from the Upper Bingara Catchment who were interested in repairing and restoring riparian areas on their farm. The landholders were experiencing issues with erosion, water quality and native vegetation in these areas.

The solution

The Upper Bingara Riparian Restoration on ground works project was developed. It was designed to undertake fencing activities to promote native vegetation within the Upper Bingara Catchment. Additional benefits include

improved water quality, reducing sedimentation of the Gwydir River. It involved landholders in the catchment completing on ground works including fencing off riparian areas, replanting & restoration of native

vegetation, participating in sub catchment planning and field days. This project was funded by the North West Local Land Services.

The impact

We were able to engage 5 landholders in the Upper Bingara Catchment project.Once the project was completed we had over 9km of riparian fencing in the Upper Bingara Catchment, with native vegetation planted. We also upskilled 45 landholders in managing riparian areas for environmental and production benefits.

Key Facts
  • 9km of riparian fencing
  • Restoration & revegetation of nativevegetation
  • Improved water quality
  • Reduce Soil erosion
Project Partners
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