Futureproofing your Farm

August 2024

​Joel Williams, Grant Sims, Richard Doyle and Thankful for Soils film featuring North West NSW producers - who could ask for more?

Join us for this informative and inspirational day learning from both international and local presenters topics including Soil Carbon, Chemical free pest management and supporting plant health against pests, growing disease resistant crops and more.

Whether you are a cropper or a grazier, there is something for you.

Joel Williams is an independent plant and soil health educator and consultant who has worked extensively in Australia, Europe and Canada where he is currently based. He has a keen interest in agroecology, plant nutrition and plant and soil microbiomes and how these may support the development of sustainable production systems. Joel has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science specialising in plant and soil dynamics and an MSc in Food Policy where he explored motivations and barriers to the adoption of intercropping. Joel has a passion for teaching and sharing a combination of scientific and practical information and has lectured to farming audiences internationally.

Grant Sims - No-till Producer Pine Grove, Victoria, Australia.  Grant Sims is a sixth generation farmer running the family farm in North central Victoria Australia. The farm is 8500 acres of dryland and some irrigation.

The Sims farm has been utilizing no-till since the early 80's thanks to Grant’s father and uncle. When Grant came back full time on the farm he started looking at ways to improve the life and function of the soil through biology. In 2008 he stopped using granular synthetic fertilizers and started using a biologically made multi mineral liquid fertilizer which they now manufacture 300,000lts on farm to use in their system. Also at that time stop using seed dressing, insecticides and fungicides, unless absolutely necessary.

The Sims have a strong focus on diversity and grow many different crops. They use companion crops, cover crops and have expanded their cow calf numbers to integrate through the system. They have seen many positive changes in the health or their soils and plants. They perform on-farm trials to learn and share methods about how solve problems, be more profitable and improve the soil for the next generation.

Grant and Ken recently started up a multi-species seed business Down Under Covers where they use their own experience and consult with world leading experts to

design and put together multi species blends to help improve the soils and provide live weight gains to livestock to help farmers become more profitable.

In 2015 Grant was awarded the Coles Weekly Times Farmer of the Year. Grant is the former president of the Victorian No Till Famers Association.

Richard Doyle - Richard and Janet Doyle run a beef cattle breeding and trading operation on their property “Malgarai” on the Macintyre River Floodplain 8 kms east of Boggabilla in Northern NSW. They have committed to regenerate the soils on Malgarai to create a diverse ecosystem above and below the ground, and to support a profitable and resilient grazing enterprise. Richard and Janet have embarked on a lifetime of learning and share their experiences, good and bad, on their regenerative journey in a hope to encourage and support others in their own endeavours.